I Just Knew

I Just Knew

For those in love to stay,
I join you in a toast!
And share in the boast,
that I have someone too.

She was my friend, now she is my wife.

Long ago, we said “I do.”
It’s what I wanted from the start.

I just knew.

It works that way for just a few.
to know from a glance—they’re the one.

I saw my bride from across a crowded room.
I told the man standing next to me,
“See that girl?”
And I huddled in close,
and pointed her out.
“She’s the one for me!”

He laughed and walked away.

I said, hello.
and two years later,
she said I do.

I just knew.

After awhile,
you can’t imagine, sleeping alone.
It will happen to you.

For 37 years, I didn’t know I snored, like that.
Like some thunderous storm,
She never said.
and I was awed,
and understood.

That it was Love.

You’ll have those moments too.
And like a wondrous sauce,
your love will be stirred on high heat.
It will rumble and roar,
then reduce into a concentrated blend
of all the flavors that you are.

What remains, is precious
and a wonder to consume.

And like gold refined in a crucible of fire,
Make it last.
It’s well within your grasp.

You’ll know you’ve arrived,
when after a hundred years,
you stare into each other’s eyes and say:
“You still make me laugh,”
and then you kiss
and hold a fond embrace.

And understand,
that this is Love.

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