Boy Meets Girl

In the tale of boy meets girl,
comes the chase, the pursuit, the dance,
the rollercoaster ride,
of does she, will she, maybe. 

Then the coy
hello, goodbye. 

Needing to go,
and wanting to stay. 

Somehow, hoping dreaming wishing,
and the looking into
soft pools,
and longing
for the un-spoken
to be heard. 

The deep delightful banter,
the smiles that ensue.
of not so wondrous words
hoping for a meaning to come thru.   

It’s fun to watch.
So much harder when it’s you. 

Toward the end
I wonder,
will he,
ever get the girl?
Even though he likes her,
does he get her? 

If not,
He’s really,
not for her.





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