Whispers of Tomorrow

a dream,
a journey filled with surprises
yet, we march on like fortified soldiers,
learning and not turning from what can often seem unbelievable,
or as surreal as a silent dance beneath a starry sky
where twilight paints a canvas of the night
and dreams gather the remains of daylights end.
Where life’s whispers weave the secrets of the breeze
and the whispers of tomorrow
shine bright, letting us inhabit the spaces where pathways
softly blend into gardens where time flows with gentle ease
and dreams bloom like petals beneath a moonlit night.
We bravely take the journey to the unknown, even though our footprints
may fade on shifting sands.
Still, with every step,
with fears aside,
our story expands.
So listen closely to the gentle whispers that guide us through the night,
for in the whispers of tomorrow our fate awaits,
and in life’s masterpiece,
find delight.  

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