Tis The Season

Bell ringers, well-wishers. 
Silent nights 
Holy nights 
bright lights, red green and white. 

Time to reflect,
on our level of giving,
our level of a sharing. 

Time to count the flakes of goodwill.
Are they flurries or snow showers?

Time to see if the weather of our generosity and kindness
are small wisps of dry snow, 
that swirl like tiny cyclones hurriedly by
along the cold callous concrete. 

Or are they generous deeds, 
laden with kind words
that stretch out like thick blankets of snow
that protect the seeds in need that lie below. 

There to protect the tender things that lie beneath,
the things not always seen.
The things that need to flower, 
if spring is kind,
if we are kind, 
and both arrive in time,
to help the blossoms bloom. 

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