Tis The Season

Bell ringers,
Silent nights,
Holy nights
Bright lights
Red green and white.

Tis the season
touched by a spirit,

the spirit of giving,
of sharing goodwill
a winter storm
shares its snow.

Tis the season
that bring expectations
of fun and joy,
and maybe better days
for those
 in need. 

Tis the season
when the weather of our humanity and kindness

is active, like rapid wisps of snow
that swirl like powerful cyclones
along the sidewalks of our soul
spurring generous deeds,
laden with kind words that stretch out
like thick blankets of snow

to protect what lies beneath
what waits for spring
to bring relief.

That blanket of snow
that protects the tender things
the things in need
that lie beneath,

the things not really seen,
the things that need to bloom, 
if spring is kind,
if we are kind, 
and both arrive in time,
to help the kindness bloom.

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